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Trailpost is a modern pack planner for all types of hikers. Organize your gear locker and plan packing lists that you can share with your friends.

  • Personal gear locker
  • Stored weight measurements
  • Advanced consumable tracking
  • In-depth charts and pack stats
  • Printable packing checklists
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Completely free to use
  • 3–16 letters and numbers0 / 16
  • Minimum 8 characters

Organize your locker

  • Track what you own

    A sample product locker listing showing the quantities and weights of items someone may own

    Keep an accurate inventory of what outdoor gear you own and how many of each. Never plan to bring something you no longer have.

  • Store your weights

    A sample weight input showing a menu for choosing the weight units you would like to use

    Save accurate weights for all your gear in whatever units you prefer. We’ll handle the proper conversions for everyone.

  • Quickly build packing lists

    An illustration showing multiple locker items being selected for inclusion in a new pack

    Use your locker to plan packing lists for your trip. No need to re-type everything each time, our learning algorithms will make smart suggestions.

Plan your packs

  • Multiple packing lists

    An illustration of two packs from a sample pack list being displayed next to each other

    Save multiple packing lists to your account for different trips. You’re covered from spring day hikes to multi-season thru hikes.

  • Smart quantities

    A sample pack weight breakdown showing the total weight of the pack along with the carried and worn weights with a pie chart.

    Provide carried & worn quantities for every item in your pack. Understand how much weight is in your pack versus on your body.

  • Pack warnings

    An illustration showing warning when viewing a pack containing items where the packed quantity exceeds how many you own

    Be notified when something about your pack isn’t right. Don’t pack more underwear than your locker says you own.

  • Weight breakdowns

    An illustration showing a pack weight breakdown by packing category

    Get pack weight breakdowns by packing category. Stop guessing about why your pack is so heavy and start fixing the problem.

  • Packing checklists

    An illustration displaying a print view of a pack with boxes for checking off each item's quantities

    Print out physical copies of your packing list that doubles as a checklist for offline packing. Don’t forget a thing on the way out the door.

  • Share packs with friends

    An illustration showing icons and logos of possible ways to share your packs including facebook, twitter, forums, and email

    Packing lists can be shared through social media, forums, email, or however else. Let your friend who thru-hiked the PCT offer feedback...seriously.

Access Anywhere

  • Phone
  • Desktop
  • Tablet

View and manage your account on any device you have with you. Forgot what you needed to buy for your hike? Check your packing list from your phone.