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Trailpost is a modern pack planner for all types of hikers. Organize your gear and plan packs you can share with fellow outdoor enthusiasts

  • Store the gear you own
  • Quickly plan multiple packs
  • Track consumable usage over time
  • Analyze your pack weight breakdowns
  • Print packing checklists before you go
  • Search through your gear and packs
  • Access your account on any device
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Organize your gear

  • Track what you own

    A sample product locker listing showing the quantities and weights of items someone may own

    Keep an up-to-date inventory of what outdoor gear you own. Never forget what you have or pack something you don’t

  • Store your weights once

    A sample weight input showing a menu for choosing the weight units you would like to use

    Save accurate weights for all your gear in whatever units you prefer. We’ll handle all the math and conversions when viewing your packs

  • Quickly build packing lists

    An illustration showing multiple locker items being selected for inclusion in a new pack

    Planning a pack is as simple as selecting which gear you want to include. Trailpost will suggest quantities and categories based on past choices

Plan your packs

  • Multiple packing lists

    An illustration of two packs from a sample pack list being displayed next to each other

    Plan a pack for every season or every trip. You’re covered from a spring trail-run to a multi-season thru hike

  • Weight breakdowns

    An illustration of a pack weight breakdown showing how base, worn, and consumable weights total up to a complete pack weight

    Quickly understand your base, worn, consumable, and total weights. Seeing how your gear adds up has never been easier

  • Carried & worn quantities

    An illustration of a sample bar chart and table showing the totals and percentages of carried and worn items in a pack

    Provide separate carried/worn quantities for every item in your pack. Understand how much weight is in your pack versus on your body

  • Consumable tracking

    An illustration of a line chart showing the usage trend of a pack's consumable items over a number of days along with those item's consumption rates

    Set precise consumption rates for any item in your pack. Trailpost will let you know how many days your pack will support you

  • Advanced stats & analysis

    An illustration of a pie chart showing how a packs weight is divided between various packing categories such as clothing, shelter, and packing

    Get pack weight breakdowns by category and item. Stop guessing why your pack is so heavy and start taking action

  • Packing checklists

    An illustration displaying a print view of a pack with boxes for checking off each item's quantities

    Print out physical copies of your packs that double as checklists for offline packing. Don’t forget a thing on the way out the door

Access Anywhere

  • Phone
  • Desktop
  • Tablet

View and manage your account on any device you have with you. Forgot what you needed to buy for your hike? Check your packing list from your phone.

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