Torres del Paine 2017

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Base weight
17.43 lbs
Worn weight
9.47 lbs
Consumable weight
0 oz
Total weight
26.9 lbs
Total Qty.ItemWeight
3Ziploc Gallon Freezer Bag0.42 oz
1ZPacks Arc Blast 60L1.4 lbs
1ZPacks Arc Blast Key Pouch0.56 oz
2ZPacks Belt Pouch0.75 oz
1ZPacks Large Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack0.28 oz
1ZPacks Lumbar Pad0.81 oz
1ZPacks Pack Liner Dry Bag2.01 oz
1ZPacks Pillow Cuben Fiber Dry Bag2.05 oz
1ZPacks Roll Top Blast Food Bag1.59 oz
2ZPacks Shoulder Strap Pad0.42 oz
4Easton Carbon Ion Poles 96"2.49 oz
8Eye Hooks0.09 oz
1Tyvek Grometted Groundsheet7.02 oz
8ZPacks 6.5" Red Tough Titanium Tent Stake0.28 oz
1ZPacks Duplex1.33 lbs
1ZPacks Tent Pole Sack0.18 oz
1ZPacks Tent Sack0.35 oz
1ZPacks Tent Stake Sack0.11 oz
1Katabatic Gear Palisade 301.3 lbs
1Katabatic Gear Palisade Stuff Sack0.46 oz
1SureFire EP5-M Sonic Defender Earplugs + Case0.35 oz
1Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm15.27 oz
1Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Stuff Sack0.99 oz
1Icebreaker Cool-Lite Flexichute1.41 oz
1Icebreaker Heavy Long Sleeve10.51 oz
1Icebreaker Mogul Beanie2.05 oz
1Icebreaker Oasis Leggings w/Fly6.67 oz
2Icebreaker Tech Lite Short Sleeve4.76 oz
1Mountain Hardware Hooded Ghost Whisperer7.9 oz
1Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap2.86 oz
1Ray-Ban Wayfarer Classic Glasses1.38 oz
1Ray-Ban Wayfarer Folding Classic Sunglasses0.95 oz
2Smartwool Men's PhD Outdoor Medium Crew Socks2.93 oz
2The North Face Paramount Peak II Convertible Pants1.1 lbs
2ZPacks Challenger Rain Gaiters1.13 oz
1ZPacks Challenger Rain Jacket6.38 oz
1ZPacks Challenger Rain Mitts1 oz
1ZPacks Challenger Rain Pants3.74 oz
1ZPacks Possum Down Gloves1.52 oz
1ZPacks Possum Down Socks2.82 oz
1ZPacks Ventum Wind Shell Jacket1.94 oz
1The North Face Ultra 109 GTX1.96 lbs
1Jetboil Sol Ti13.3 oz
1Plastic Liquid Container0.6 oz
1Toaks Titanium Spork + Bag0.56 oz
1Aquamira Water Treatment Drops3.67 oz
1Camelbak Eddy 1L Water Bottle6.46 oz
1Camelbak Eddy Hands-Free Adapter1.34 oz
1Vapur Element1.45 oz
1Suunto MC-2 Compass2.5 oz
1Torres del Paine Map3.17 oz
1Black Diamond ReVolt2.15 oz
3Lithium AAA Battery0.28 oz
1Apple iPhone 64.59 oz
1Apple iPhone 6 Silicone Case0.63 oz
1Colgate Miniature Toothpaste0.21 oz
1Cotton Buds Toilet Tissue1.41 oz
1Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap2.72 oz
8Dude Wipes0.23 oz
1Lightload Towel0.6 oz
1Mountain Laurel Designs Bug Headnet0.74 oz
1Purell Hand Sanitizer1.31 oz
1Repel 100 Insect Repellant1.13 oz
1Rocker Pure Hand & Foot Balm3.07 oz
1Sea to Summit Tek Towel7.13 oz
1Trowel0.53 oz
1Uncle Bill's Silver Gripper0.18 oz
1ZPacks Toothbrush0.21 oz
1ZPacks Tooth Care Case0.28 oz
1Caffeine Pills1.45 oz
1ChitoSAM Active Hemostatic Dressing0.21 oz
1Conco Conforming Stretch Bandage0.35 oz
1Derma Sciences Suture Strips Plus0.11 oz
1Dynarex Sterile Latex Gloves (Pair)0.71 oz
1First-aid Card1.52 oz
1Kiss my Face Sunscreen Lip Balm0.38 oz
2Knuckle Band-aid0.02 oz
2Large Band-aid0.04 oz
1Leukotape Roll0.22 oz
1MEDCa Cohesive Bandage0.63 oz
8Medique Diamode Loperamide Pack of 10.04 oz
4Medique Diphen Diphenhydramine Pack of 10.04 oz
8Medique I-Prin Ibuprofin Pack of 20.04 oz
2Medium Band-aid0.02 oz
8Non-Aspirin Acetaminophen Pack of 20.04 oz
2Oversize Band-aid0.07 oz
1PDI Compound Ticture of Benzoin Swabstick0.14 oz
8Pill Ziploc Bag0.02 oz
2Small Band-aid0.02 oz
8Squeeze Pod Natural Facial Sunscreen0.23 oz
1Sterile Safety Pin Pack of 20.11 oz
1Trioral Oral Rehydration Salts0.74 oz
1Water-Jel Burn Jel0.14 oz
2WaterJel Triple Antibiotic0.04 oz
1Opinel No. 8 Outdoors Knife2.15 oz
1Paracord1.98 oz
1Duct Tape Small Roll0.53 oz
1Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Repair Kit0.39 oz
1ZPacks Cuben Fiber Seam/Repair Tape0.32 oz
1ZPacks Cuben Fiber Small Repair Patch0.04 oz
10$10 USD Bill0.04 oz
5$20 USD Bill0.04 oz
1Aetna Health Insurance Card0.14 oz
2Camera/Backpack Attachment Strap0.95 oz
1Canon 77mm Lens Cap0.78 oz
1Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM1.46 lbs
1Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body1.92 lbs
2Canon LP-E6 Battery2.68 oz
2Canon LP-E6N Battery2.68 oz
1Chase Sapphire Reserve0.18 oz
1Fisher Space Pen0.67 oz
2Komperdell Carbon Ultralite Vario 4 Standard9.7 oz
1Manfrotto Pro 77mm Circular Polarizing Filter0.98 oz
1MindShift Ultralight Camera Cover 206.38 oz
1[pro]master Lens Cloth0.46 oz
1Rite-in-the-Rain Notebook0.63 oz
2SanDisk Extreme PRO 256GB CompactFlash Card + Case0.56 oz
1Schwab ATM/Debit Card0.18 oz
1Suunto Core Watch + Battery2.33 oz
1United States Passport1.7 oz
1United States Passport Card0.17 oz
2United States Passport Photocopy0.07 oz
1Vaccination Card0.25 oz
1Wallet0.92 oz