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Torres del Paine 2017
Statistics & Analysis

17.43 lbs
9.47 lbs
0 oz
26.9 lbs

Pack weight breakdown

Weight% of pack
Carried17.43 lbs64.80%
Worn9.47 lbs35.20%
Total26.9 lbs100.00%

Category weight breakdown

Clothing4.68 lbs1.82 lbs6.5 lbs
Miscellaneous14.18 oz5.6 lbs6.48 lbs
Shelter2.61 lbs0 oz2.61 lbs
Sleeping2.37 lbs0 oz2.37 lbs
Packing2.08 lbs0 oz2.08 lbs
Footwear0 oz1.96 lbs1.96 lbs
Hygiene1.34 lbs0 oz1.34 lbs
Cooking14.46 oz0 oz14.46 oz
Hydration12.92 oz0 oz12.92 oz
Medical8.73 oz1.52 oz10.25 oz
Navigation5.67 oz0 oz5.67 oz
Communication5.22 oz0 oz5.22 oz
Tools4.13 oz0 oz4.13 oz
Illumination2.99 oz0 oz2.99 oz
Repairs1.28 oz0 oz1.28 oz

Heaviest 10 items

NameWeight% of pack
The North Face Ultra 109 GTX1.96 lbs7.28%
Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body1.92 lbs7.15%
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM1.46 lbs5.41%
ZPacks Arc Blast 60L1.4 lbs5.21%
ZPacks Duplex1.33 lbs4.93%
Katabatic Gear Palisade 301.3 lbs4.83%
The North Face Paramount Peak II Convertible Pants1.1 lbs4.09%
Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm15.27 oz3.55%
Jetboil Sol Ti13.3 oz3.09%
Icebreaker Heavy Long Sleeve10.51 oz2.44%
Total12.91 lbs47.99%

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